When you partner with Kada Energy’s training program, you are provided with training personnel who have many years of industry experience as well as the expertise required to encourage knowledge sharing in a participative, vibrant and dynamic environment.


  1. Identify and analyze your training needs
  2. Choose the best options to execute your desired training
  3. Development of a general training schedule
  4. Defining necessary terms and conditions
  5. Budget Estimation


  1. Identification of specific aspects of the project
  2. Analysis of the personnel involved in the training process


  1. Development of detailed training program
  2. Training of trainers
  3. Preparation of training module
  4. Supervision of training subcontractors
  5. Implementation of training sessions
  6. Coordination of the training team
  7. Training monitoring and reporting


  1. Assessment of trainees’ performance
  2. Implementation of corrective actions
  3. Checking compliance with training objectives